Estill County Historical & Genealogical Society Museum


The Estill County Historical and Genealogical Society has been collecting, preserving, and protecting artifacts, documents and other memorabilia since the museum was opened to promote knowledge and appreciation for the area heritage. The building was erected in 1935 for the Park Brother Bus Line which was in business at this location until the mid-1940’s when the Black Brothers purchased the property and operated the bus service and restaurant called “Chat-N-Nibble.”

The museum is filled with historic documents, objects, and photographs pertaining to Estill County history. All items reveal the heritage of the people of Estill County to interpret life as it was lived during different periods of time.

Activities on Sat., April 27 and Sun., April 28 will include the following.

 Displays/Exhibits: They tell the story of Estill County. Visitors will views displays of railroad, military, country store, photographs, farm implements, school, store, and home items. Historic relics include a 1795 loom, boat steering wheel, old courthouse bell, quilts, and pictures.

 Books, publications, and cookbooks for sale: The society has over 1,000 books and family files about Estill County, from 1808 when the county was established to the present. Publication of many books including court records, censuses, WW II, schools, calendars. Mapping of county cemeteries is another project of the society.

 The Museum and Research Library is open every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and by special appointment during the week. Admission is free.

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